Dr. Ganna Shalygina

Ganna holds diplomas in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), a Massage Therapy Diploma from Mount Royal University. Dr. Shalygina has also completed courses in Traditional Thai massage and Reflexology at TMC School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai,Thailand.


Growing up in a family where both conventional and alternative medicines were respected, Dr. Shalygina has developed a strong interest in natural healing from a young age.

She began her learning path by studying Martial arts, where she first came across the concept of life force energy (known as “Qi” or “prana” in Eastern philosophy) and the connection that the mind and the body share.

When working with her patients, Ganna believes when conventional and complementary health modalities are used in conjunction, it can bring healing on many different levels-emotional, physical and spiritual.

In her studies, Ganna traveled to China for an internship at the Kunming Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Shalygina has also had an opportunity to study Auricular Medicine under honourable Dr. Lichun Huang, the world's number one expert in the field of Auricular Medicine. She is also trained in ear acupuncture for addictions and stress, also known as the NADA (National Addictions and Detox Acupuncture) protocol.

Dr. Shalygina is currently a faculty member at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and TCM.

Ganna's practice embraces treatment of many acute and chronic painful conditions, headaches/ migraines, stress and anxiety, addictions, allergies as well as pre- and post-natal care.

Additional service that Ganna offers is facial rejuvenation acupuncture also known as “Acupuncture face lift”.

Ganna is currently accepting bookings at the following locations:


Sehet Bow River Medical Centre

Address:  130-4411 16 Ave NW, Calgary AB T3B 0M3

*please note that appointments at Sehet must be booked through Ganna directly by e-mail: g.shalygina.tcmd@gmail.com or by phone/ text message: 403-889-9923


Great Wall Health Clinic

Address: 345-225 7 Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P 2W3
Phone: 403-265-8889

Ganna’s Healing Room accepts most forms of insurance plans as well as most forms of payment.