Traditional Chinese medicine

Have you noticed how our internal and external environments both have an impact on our body? Ancient Chinese have figured out a way to bring and restore balance and promote healing, by taking into consideration both the internal and external influential factors.


The use of Acupuncture dates back roughly 3000 years ago. Its popularity is growing rapidly in North America as this ancient healing modality can be used to prevent and improve a wide range of conditions.

By inserting fine disposable needles into various acupuncture points throughout the body, an underlying root cause of  many ailments may be corrected. Acupuncture is aimed to relieve obstructions of our Vital Energy flow (also known as Qi).

Traditional Thai Massage

Is an ancient form of bodywork that involves a combination of Acupressure, dynamic massage and stretching. It consists of the flowing, rhythmic movement and many techniques are performed on exhalation.

At the heart of Thai massage lays the principle of rebalancing of energy patterns in the body, and removing blockages that obstruct ten channels called Sen Sib.Thai massage is performed on the table or mat, with the client wearing comfortable loose clothing.


Also known as "Zone Therapy", is a relaxing hand, foot and face massage combined with manipulation of specific reflex points in order to stimulate the function of internal organs and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System Response.

Helpful in detoxification of the body, as well as in managing many stress-related and painful conditions, specifically of the hands and feet.

Deep Tissue Massage

A type of massage therapy aimed at relieving pain and tension from the muscles and fascia. Administered for injury recovery, whiplash, and treatment of many chronic painful conditions.

Relaxation/ Swedish massage

Swedish massage techniques are excellent for relaxation, maintaining muscle flexibility, and detoxifying the body.

Therapeutic Massage

Is performed for releasing pain and tension, maintaining muscle flexibility, getting rid of the scar tissue, healing from an old or new injury.

Prenatal/ Pregnancy/ Maternity massage

Is helpful in alleviating many complaints during all stages of pregnancy. Is performed side lying or with the use of a comfy "pregnancy pillow" specifically designed to accommodate for the changes that occur in mother's body during this special time.

Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing style of massage involving heated basalt stones in order to promote deep relaxation, relieve pain in tense, overworked muscles, improve the circulation of the blood and lymph.

Fire Cupping/Cupping Massage

Is a modality borrowed from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which  involves the placement of heated glass cups onto the back in order to create a vacuum on the skin. Penetrating up to 4 inches deep, the suction is a great aid in releasing the fascial restrictions, breaking up the scar tissue, improving the circulation and promoting healing of the tissues.

Cupping massage is also widely used for  boosting the immunity, improving Asthma, as well as a therapy for respiratory tract infection as it aids in expanding the bronchioles and releasing excess mucus from the lungs.